• Security on Apple

    Apple has a security issues every few month, user request to apple more transparent about this security issues.
    This is very embarrassing issues, after a year past apple researcher showed a collecting user data, and then siphoning data via the charging port of iOS devices. A year ago a researcher went public with a method for accessing Apple IDs of developers after he says he got no response from Apple. And then there was this week’s celebrity photo hack, which may have been able to be prevented by making iCloud backups more secure.

    Even on each cases apple fix the vulnerable issues, apple never explain the details about their security, and it will happened continue in future.

    Apple as a company has shown to have deep concern for the privacy of its users. It very frequently goes against common business wisdom to protect user information from third parties. Many security researchers that I speak to are frustrated with the amount of transparency and communication when it comes to reporting vulnerabilities to Apple — and getting them fixed.

    As an industry leader, Apple should re-evaluate the way that it handles security, both internally and externally.

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  • Eating Big Data

    a bar and restaurant social entertainment and integrated marketing platform.

    a bar and restaurant social entertainment and integrated marketing platform.

    Nowdays, restaurant is not only the places to eat food with thousand flavours, even it is for almost 200 years. This places have a tsunami technology that have a revolusioner changes, the Dorothy effect of technology.

    Americans spend thousands of dollars a year eating out: Restaurants account for one of the largest parts of discretionary spending, with sales expected to hit a record $683.4 billion in 2014. It is a fiercely competitive industry, and yet restaurant owners and managers have been remarkably slow to adopt new forms of technology that could make their business more efficient and attuned to the desires of diners. They spend a lot of time fighting trends instead of exploiting them.

    Now, we are on tables, tablets, data an eating.

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